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Food and Health

The food you eat has a huge effect on your health. There are some simple steps to take to help you and your family manage your health through the food choices you make. Learn how to be healthy with affordable healthier eating tips and more information on food and health.

Finding Heart-Healthy Balance in a Food Desert.

In some communities, heart-healthy food is hard to find. Learn how the lack of access to mainstream food options is linked to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other diet-related conditions.

Topics Include:

  • What are food deserts
  • Mainstream food venues (like grocery stores) vs. fringe food venues (like fast food restaurants)
  • The need for food balance
  • How convenience affects our choices

A Parent's Guide to Healthier Eating for Kids

Enjoy this free guide, full of tips on healthier eating that can help parents and kids alike learn how to eat right.

Topics Include:

  • Basic tips on how to eat right
  • Food groups
  • Calories, labels & portion sizes
  • Diabetes
  • Keeping your heart healthy