Save-A-Lot Products

Business Model

Save-A-Lot’s business model features many competitive advantages that help in today’s hard discount grocery industry. Some of these advantages are:

  • Exclusive brands: High-quality, low-priced private label assortment accounts for 80% of our sales compared to only 20% in a conventional grocery store
  • Fewer SKUs (stock keeping units): Reduced SKU assortment (approximately 2,500 items) covers more than 90% of everyday shopper needs
  • Low prices: Buying power of over 1,300 stores delivers market-leading everyday low prices
  • Neighborhood stores: Locating stores in diverse neighborhoods, hiring from within those communities and stocking product tailored to the neighborhood
  • Shopping experience: Smaller stores average 15,000 sq. ft. and allow for a quick and easy shopping experience
  • World-class distribution: 17 Best-in-class, dedicated distribution centers


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