Save-A-Lot provides on-going services including supply chain, distribution, training, retail accounting, advertising and retail consultation.

Licensor’s do not typically collect upfront fees or offer exclusive territory. Once a licensee launches the operation, the relationship with the licensing company is frequently limited to optional purchases of products and / or services, whereas franchisees can typically expect to pay upfront fees and pay royalties on a go-forward basis.

Save-A-Lot may sell existing company owned units to existing or new licensees. Given that these stores are operating today, we do not issue a summary list of what is available. If you are qualified as a Save-A-Lot license candidate and have indicated that you would like to buy stores in a specific geographic area, we will determine if we have stores for sale that meet your request.

Each licensee is responsible for leasing or acquiring real estate as well as contracting the construction of their store. However, Save-A-Lot will provide assistance for site selection, store layout and décor recommendations.

No. However, Save-A-Lot will work closely with the licensee in determining target market availability and identifying future development opportunities.

Many areas of the country are open and available for development. Please see the development opportunities map of the site for more information regarding territory availability or fill out our inquiry form to determine site availability.

We share mapping, competition and demographic data with our licensee. We also provide prototypical construction plans and store design recommendations to each developing licensee. Once you have a potential site on which to develop, you will be required to complete a Site Application package. Once the License Development Manager receives the completed site package, it will be reviewed to determine acceptability of the site for a new location. Save-A-Lot can provide recommendations in regards building requirements, store design and can recommend potential contractors in your area.

As a Save-A-Lot licensee you are expected to purchase your groceries and general merchandise from Save-A-Lot and its affiliates. Any supplies purchased from vendors outside of Save-A-Lot and its affiliates must be preapproved.

If this is your first Save-A-Lot store, we want to prepare you for success with training and practice designed to help you get up and running quickly and effectively. The basis of a shared commitment between the licensed retailer and Save-A-Lot creates a sustainable competitive advantage that can lead to profitable growth and long-term success for both licensees and Save-A-Lot.

As a new licensee, Save-A-Lot offers a comprehensive 12-day training program that provides you with the knowledge and necessary tools to operate a Save-A-Lot food store. The training program includes integrated classroom and hands-on in-store training.

Whether you are new to grocery or have years of experience as an owner or manager, Save-A-Lot offers a broad range of additional training options.  Please visit our training courses section to learn more.

Although we do not finance store development, we do have relationships with lenders who will welcome your call. Save-A-Lot does provide financial incentives to qualified retailers for the development of new Save-A-Lot stores. Please visit current incentives to learn more.

Also, we have an established relationship with Bancorp who provides SBA financing for new stores and acquisitions of existing stores.

There are no fees associated with the signing of a license and supply agreement. However, each licensee will enter into an agreement where a security deposit of $40,000 to $60,000 is required per store. Security deposits are determined by estimated total weekly statement charges; including inventory purchases by Licensee from Save-A-Lot on open account, together with service fees, transportation and basic charges and payroll amounts, if any, advanced by Save-A-Lot. The deposit amount is subject to change and revaluated periodically at Save-A-Lot’s discretion. Optional services including accounting, training, information systems, freight and distribution will require additional fees.

If you feel that you meet the initial requirements and are eager to becoming a Save-A-Lot licensee, we encourage you to complete the short questionnaire.

We encourage prospective licensees to conduct significant due diligence prior to committing to any new business venture. Existing Save-A-Lot licensees are an excellent source for answering questions about operations, marketing, finances, etc. The amount of profit or loss is dependent on a number of factors including the ability of the licensee to manage the business, drive sales volume and control operating costs. Names and phone numbers of existing licensees are available by request.


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