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Save-A-Lot Store Brand Items and More

Browse Our Products Listing Before You Shop

It's easy to shop for food at Save-A-Lot. From baby food to baked goods, from dairy products to diet soda, Save-A-Lot store brand products help us offer our shoppers just the right selection at just the right price. We only carry the items you shop for most, so there’s no need to spend time cost-comparing multiple brands.


Before you shop, browse our products listing to see the Save-A-Lot store brand products and national brands we carry in our stores. View all the items in one category, check out the products listing for a specific brand, and even see what meals you can create with Save-A-Lot food items for under $5.

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Check out our great line up of hot new products, available at amazingly low prices.

Save-A-Lot Food: Quality for Less

Shoppers know that Save-A-Lot food prices are deeply discounted, compared to conventional grocery pricing. But just because they're a lower price doesn't mean you have to settle for lower quality. We take pride in the quality of both the national brand items we sell and our exclusive Save-A-Lot store brand items. And the savings? Save-A-Lot food prices can't be beat.