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Dinner Ideas for Everyday Meal Planning

Browse Good Recipes by Cuisine
Looking for dinner ideas and good recipes to make meal planning easy? For breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack time, we have many types of recipes from cuisines around the world.

If your meal planning usually includes American food, switch it up with Mexican dinner ideas. Tired of the same old Italian? Add a new twist by trying good recipes from other people’s kitchens. Want to incorporate more vegetables into your family’s diet? Check out our vegetarian dinner ideas.

To find the flavors your family loves, or good recipes for new dinner ideas, browse our recipes by cuisine.



American food is the spirit of barbecues, picnics and get-togethers with friends and family. These American recipes will keep your family smiling and satisfied with the taste of home.

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Asian Cooking  


No need for take-out! With these delicious dinner ideas, cooking Asian food at home is easy, cost-effective, and much healthier. Bring flavorful flare to the table with homemade Asian cuisine.

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Italian food makes meal planning easy, but Italian dinner ideas go far beyond spaghetti and tomato sauce. There’s a whole world to explore. Buon appetito!

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Many Mexican food recipes are easy enough that the whole family — even the kids — can get involved in the meal preparation. If you need to spice up your meal planning, or you just want a little south-of-the-border fun, these everyday Mexican dinner ideas are a great place to start.

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Good recipes for vegetarian meals use lots of vegetables, grains and other nutritious ingredients. These vegetarian recipes will help you put more nutrition on the table, with delicious flavor in every bite.

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Theme Night Dinners with Save-A-Lot Recipes
Get your kids excited for dinner by making one night a week a cuisine-theme inspired event. Try making Fiesta Tuna Tacos for Mexican night or Mini Pizzas for Italian night. Maybe even jazz things up by dressing up or decorating for the theme night. Having a few key decorations and costume pieces on hand can make setting up fun. Any dollar store would be a great place to pick up a few themed placemats, candles or hats to make your theme night even more special.